Transgender Tween “Jazz” Talks Dating With Barbara Walters 20/20: Update 2013

On a Special Edition of “20/20 Saturday,” (2013) Jazz is a typical 11-year-old girl except for one thing — she was born as a boy. From the moment she could speak, Jazz sensed that she was trapped in the wrong body and decided to dress and live as a little girl. Her parents made the controversial decision to support her choice. ABC News started covering her story when she was five. Now, a tween, Jazz stands at a new crossroads in her brave decision to define life on her terms: boys and dating, medicine and the ultimate surgery to become fully female. Jazz and her family speak candidly to Barbara Walters on a Special Edition of “20/20 Saturday” which aired January 19 on ABC.

Watch the Special Edition of 20/20 Saturday:

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