Jazz Age 7: In Her Own Words

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  • Ara Ford says:

    I am having a hard time speaking for myself and fighting for my rights apon me feeling like a trans girl and Gender dystopia and feeling like I need big breast to match my identity that will feel pretty sense I was 10 to 17 years old and I need to meet you Jazz Jennings to help talk to my parents with me about my feeling of needed to have a medical transition by taking action with me and your self using your inspiring but I am sure your words are life changing for my. My Mom is the best listener and Uncomfortable for me to transition as a 17 year old or in my 20 after I meet you Jazz I hope. I need Your help Jazz and my Mom only let me wear a girl’s clothing one’s and I also weared a makeup before but when my Mom’s said you can wear your skirt, I rejected it because I was scared of not having my transition as a teen and my 4 parents not giving me consent for it. So I need to meet and talk to you Jazz!

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